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The Civil War, Gettysburg and New Ulm

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.

Governor to Speak at Commemoration

Governor Mark Dayton will join Mayor Robert Beussman and Retired Army Colonel Peter Monsoor to honor the service of Minnesota Civil War soldiers at the New Ulm Civil War Commemoration event. New Ulm and Brown County young men trained for Army duty two months before the outbreak of the Civil War. They made several trips to Fort Ridgely where they learned about cannon loading. New Ulm’s men also formed the nucleus of the First Minnesota Battery Light Artillery and served valiantly at Shiloh where their stand at the Hornet’s Nest site turned the tide of that battle under the command of Lt. William Pfaender of New Ulm. The Minnesota Civil War Task Force was established in 2011 by Governor Dayton to help Minnesotans remember the service of over 18,000 Minnesotans who served in the Civil War. On Memorial Day, the Task Force placed special flags they have designed at the resting places of 150...

Dick Kimmel and Company

Dick Kimmel and Company will play Elzic’s Farewell – reputed to have been composed by a dying Confederate Soldier, Ashokan Farewell – Jay Ungar’s theme for the Civil War series on PBS, Blue-eyed Boston Boy – a folk song about two soldiers sharing their fear before a battle and promising each other that they will pass on the death of the other to one soldier’s mother and the other’s wife, if only one survives and Soldier’s Joy – a well-known dance tune that likely comes from the Revolutionary War, but was undoubtedly part of the history of all wars to follow. The highlight of the concert is the performance of an original composition by song-writer and musician Tony Rook, a native of Raleigh, NC, who now lives in New Prague, MN. Laura Lee is about a young Confederate Soldier marching to battle with General Robert E. Lee. A haunting melody, it relates several famous battles, and the...